Design your Lead Magnet for active List Building$199

You will be learning how to put together lead magnet to start building your list for up selling your main product.  We will be using free tools where needed.

Write best sales copy for all your digital marketing $199

Many businesses fail because they are not focused on their target market and niche language or pain points.  You will  be working on putting together good sales content for landing page, ad copy or any other content. We will be using free tools.

How to Identify Joint Venture Partners and Collaborate $299

Joint Venture is pseudo legal agreement on sharing knowledge and digital assets to benefit mutually by increasing profits or revenue.  Usually, joint ventures are between two business entities which do not have a same basic offering. You will be learning how to identify joint ventures partners you could work with and how to put together a basic agreement to get it going.

Digital Marketing Strategic Planning $799

Digital marketing union of Internet Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Digital billboards other digital channels. Digital marketing success depends on measuring and analysing the data and behaviour of the market about your product. In this workshop, you will be working on the clear distinction of why you do what you do in the digital world, how to use the internet and social media to hack the growth exponentially. You will be working of 2 different plans based on your business model; 1. An Internet marketing plan 2. Overarching Digital Marketing Plan, which aligns all aspects of internet marketing such as email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, and others.

Setup Your Profit Making Lead Generating Sales Machine $1499

High converting profit-making sales machine is about how you can attract, convert and sell you products from start to finish.  You will be learning how to create a landing page, thank you page, Autoresponders and kick-start your email marketing campaign to double your profits in 5 steps.  More Leads, More Conversions, More Transactions, Upsell and Down sell.

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