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We provide a wide range of services to all type of businesses

We are a website design company based in Edinburgh Scotland. We build websites using WordPress and make it search engine friendly so that from day 1 your website is crawled by search engines. We work on all aspects of your business website and personal branding website so that you start, grow and expand.  Most of  your business needs are well looked after when you work with us under one roof.  We take stress and overwhelm out of the equation so you can relax and run the business to create a LEGACY.  

We have delivered many clients' website in 14 days !!!

We work on all aspects of your website design starting from domain registration to website conversion so you will know what is involved at every stage. One of our unique selling proposition (USP) is we even coach you how to manage your website when we hand it over to you.  We are very transparent and  we will not mislead you in anyway. All our Website Design Packages come with Basic SEO Setup, Social Media Integration and Basic Website Security Coaching.

Our Website Design Process

1. Discovery

This stage is to understand if we can work together or not. To us strategic relationship is more important. Your business is our business till we delivered what we both agreed. For that we need to work together to understand what your requirements, how much time you could give us when we need information from you and why you want website in first place.

2. On Boarding

Here we capture all your requirements, your website content, images and videos you want to post on the website. Here we will be working together to develop the content, SEO keywords, search terms etc. This is very important stage because it determines the success of your website when you launch. In this stage; we would have a basic website content ready.

3. Design

We will be doing most of the work to set your website from the content and requirements gathered. But there might be some situations where we might not have covered in previous stages. Mobile responsiveness, basic website maintenance training, Your blog, call to action templates, contact page set up etc. You as our client will be putting the website to rigorous testing.

4. Development

Now, your website is all ready for Launch and we will be planning the launch. Here we will be having consultation on how to set-up your Google Analytics, what are the reports you would need to be looking at, how to drive traffic to your website, what is your posting schedule, SEO, Website Policies etc.

5. Deployment

We will be launching your website for testing, social media integration, CRM integration for funnel, form setting. If there are any tweaks we will do. You will get coaching on Website Maintenance, Content Addition, Content management, website security, Developing content with SEO in mind...

6. Launch

We will be launching your website for public. If we need set up any campaign then we will do @ extra cost. If there are any tweaks and support the launch. Monitor website for first 3 months after the launch.

Our Website Design Packages

Start-up or Small Business Website

You will select this package if you are starting out or just want to provide information to public. 

Professional or Service Based Website

This package is for small businesses where you have few service packages and you want to sell those packages and take payment via your website. This would suitable for Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers where entrepreneurs have something to sell etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have domain or hosting then we will hook you up with preferred and highly secure hosting providers where you will get your website security SSL worth (£50) certificate for free as long as you host with them along with 60% discount. Let us know

Our packages are user friendly and we value strategic long term relationship. You are our ambassador; so we will make sure we help you as much as we can. Having said that, you are also the boss and owner of the website; so we will coach you to become comfortable with it.

Not to worry. All our packages come with pre-consultation which will be between 30-45 mins. During the call we will discuss your high-level requirements and help you decide how we can help you. Even strengthen your website strategy so that you get best out of your website which not only support your business the right way but a lead generating machine.  We have to point out that, we don’t work with all clients who come on this call because if we feel we are not appropriate match we will part ways mutually.

We have pre-consultation or discovery phase which decides which plan you would need.  Also, if you have additional requirements we will try to tailor it for you.  We will discuss what is the best way forward for you.  In our experience we have seen our clients wanted nice to have features which were not adding value to their core offerings.  We have managed to stall them until those instances arise where they need their feature within their business.  We are business owners we want to provide you with cost-effective, fully functional website not fancy piece which sits on the mantle in this case on the internet.

All our packages come with 3 months support package.  We will provide the details at the time of quotation so, you are clear on what you are getting into.  

We also provide coaching on every aspect of the website maintenance so that you are aware of what needs done and how you can manage the website.

We are happy to discuss your ongoing support and mentoring. We believe, if we help you succeed, we are succeeding. Having online business is collaborative business we help each other.

At the time of coaching you, you can assign one of your staff to be trained.  This coaching session will be online so the recording with be provided for further assistance.  If you need your staff trained at your location then we can provide that as well.

Yes, we do but we would need more details on what needs done. If we feel we can’t do and/or your website need full revamp we will suggest new solution. Please speak to us.

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It is better to get queries answered instead of assuming.  We will not hard-sell.  We believe if we are meant to be doing business we will anyway. So, please do speak to us and get all your queries answered.