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We work on all aspects of your business so that you start, grow and expand.  Most of  your business needs are well looked after when you work with us in one roof.  All you need is us; to sort out your technology, business and digital challenges.

We provide a wide range of Website SEO Agency services to all type of businesses.  Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a critical element in Search Engine Marketing.  If you own a website and want to make money from your site or run an online business, then master the SEO. SEO is important because if your SEO is not set-up correctly, the search engine will not crawl your site for right keywords and you will lose potential clients. More importantly, your paid advertising through Google Adwords or social media advertising is a failure. It is like building a house without proper architecture. When your website is search engine optimised you have more free organic traffic to your site from your potential customers who are looking out for your products or services. We hear from business owners  that its lots of work and technical.  We do agree with it.  It is not easy but it can be achieved if you really want to get returns from your website.  That is why we have cost-effective SEO packages.  Below you have one package and if you need more from SEO then let us talk.

Pricing plans

Search Engine RaNKING Package

£ 399
/ month + VAT
  • On-Page and Offsite SEO
  • Targeted Link building
  • Target 5 Keywords (You will provide)
  • 5 Tracking Keywords (depending on Trarget Keywords)
  • Technical SEO Checks
  • Suitable for Solopreneurs and Small Business
  • 10% discount on SEO Packages Upgrade
  • No Ads involved

12 Blog Package

£ 599
/ month + VAT
  • 12 SEO blogs (You provide titles and 1-2 keywords)
  • 400 words each
  • 10% discount on Basic Raking Package
  • 10% discount on Keyword Research and Title Identification

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