Founder’s Profile


  • Entrepreneur

    Sudha’s first venture was online forum along side 2 of her friends in 1996 after finishing her Computer Science degree where they gave advice to IT developers and designers . Since then she has been involved in tech companies. She is also growth hacker who specialises in tech startups.

  • Business Management Consultant

    Sudha is a technology leader and business growth expert who has been enabling businesses using digital and IT strategies to turnaround businesses to increase profits. She has 22 years of consulting, coaching and mentoring experience in all aspects of technology and digital landscape She had helped many businesses automate their business processes to achieve better return on their investment to increase profits and have freedom. She has worked in investment banks, financial services, private and public sectors to enhance their business processes to produce results and increase productivity.

  • Online Business Coach and Mentor

    Sudha as a coach, mentor and consultant aligns Business, Digital and IT Strategies to enable your business to out-think, out-market and out-sell your competition through differentiation and innovation to become a market leader.
    If a business has a strong foundation, it can with stand any challenges and thrive in any economy. Many business leaders compromise quality because they are not aware that they can get better. They limit themselves. She has two coaching programmes
    1. Increase four times or more your turnover in 12-18 months.
    More info visit,
    2. Build Resilient Sustainable Business in Any Economy – This is signature business coaching model which Sudha has put together

  • Keynote Speaker

    Sudha speaks on following topics; 1. The Leadership by Design ™: Design Your Signature Leadership Style 2. The Money-Making Machine™ – Make Money While You Sleep 3. Business Success Blueprint ™: Build 1-million-dollar business in 12 – 18 months 4! Increase productivity, profits and personal brand without going broke 5. So, you are Emotionally Intelligent? – Leverage that to get More Clients & have More Money, Time and Freedom.

  • Author

    Sudha has written a book Business Success: Thrive in Any Economy which is soon to be published. She is working another book on her signature coaching model A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

10 Rules for Success

  • Failure helps you grow but fail faster and forward so you don’t miss a beat.

  • Leverage other people’s experience to grow quicker, life is short to learn from yours always.

  • Change is inevitable so embrace it.

  • Your opinion about yourself counts not others opinion about you.

  • Always play to your strengths, mitigate weakness so it does not become threat.

  • Opportunity is everywhere being open and receptive brings it to you.

  • Collaborate but be independent in thought and expression.

  • Freedom, Success and Happiness are internal processes not determined by outside circumstances.

  • Being Grateful is transformative tool.

  • You are responsible for everything happening to you may it be good, bad or ugly.