Digital Marketing Pricing and Packages

Digital Marketing Pricing and Packages

At Avinash Business Consultants, take that overwhelm and stress out of the equation when it comes to all technology, digital and business needs so that you can unleash your potential in doing what you do BEST, i.e. delivering your expertise. Our Digital Marketing Pricing Packages are cost effective unlike our competitions.  Speak to us know more. We look at all aspects of digital marketing for your business. Digital Marketing is the umbrella term for all business marketing using digital channels such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, website marketing through SEO, digital media such as downloads, podcast, digital radio and other audio-based channels, digital ads on all the above channels and many other. The scope of what can be covered through changes exponentially as the digital outlets and landscape changes.

Yes, Digital Marketing can be a bit overwhelming to solopreneurs or any small business who don’t have dedicated marketing department and tons of cash. Even though Digital Marketing is wide and vast, you cannot ignore, and there is space for all types of businesses. The trick is you need to know what, when, where and how to adopt.

It is not about being everywhere it is about being where your clients are or where your target audience is.

Speak to us about our packages. We don’t pigeon hole you into a box. You are unique, your business is unique, and you deserve individual support and treatment to make you feel on top of the world.

Our Digital Marketing Process

1. Discovery

This stage is to understand if we can work together or not. To us, a strategic relationship is more important with 2 entities. Your business is our business till we delivered what we both agreed. For that, we need to work together to understand what your requirements, how much time you could give us when we need information from you and what you want to achieve and how effectively we can help so you can succeed in the shortest amount of time and save boatloads of money.

2. Design

At this stage, we will design your strategy and tactics to go with it based on your business model, delivery channel and outcome. Every business is business; no two restaurants are the same even if they serve the same food. We will find what sets you apart and use your strengths to find your signature brand. Once you agree, then we create an implementation plan and timeline based on prioritised outcomes.

3. Development

In this stage, we develop your marketing collateral such as content, media both traditional and digital, scripts what you say when you go public. We use these collaterals on various outlets, so the brand is consistent with its message. If you serve more than one target group, then we will adapt to different groups. We will also look at your reputation management, digital PR and other general strategies where you may be using traditional outlets.

4. Deployment

In this stage, we will launch your marketing campaigns. We will also do A/B or split testing to find out which campaign perform well and how to streamline for the best outcome for you.

Want to build your LEGACY so it thrives?

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It is better to get queries answered instead of assuming.  We will not hard-sell.  We believe if we are meant to be doing business we will anyway. So, please do speak to us and get all your queries answered.