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We help you to create your signature program to generate passive income and scale your business. If you are trading your time for money, then having your signature program can differentiate you from your competition so that you don't have to compete on price.

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Signature Online Program or Online Course

When you have a signature online program, you are differentiating yourself with your competition. We will help you if you are a speaker, coach, consultant subject matter expert or you have unique expertise so that you can standardise and systemise your knowledge into an online program which you can sell even when you are sleeping. The most significant advantage of having an online program is to expand your reach so that you can eliminate having to trade your TIME for MONEY and Work on Your Business. We help you to create your online e-course in 7-weeks from an idea to launch when you have your content ready.   Having an e-learning platform or online learning portal you have more chances of letting your potential clients to get to know you and your process or expertise.  It can also be extension of what your teach within your workshops or training programs.  This type of online learning supplements are becoming quite popular in schools or higher educations.  Learning Management System for schools or LMS for Schools such as Moodle is setup in remote schools to extend the educational program. Click here to know more about Learning management Software.

The online course or online program is another fastest and assured way to generate a recurring online income in addition to the membership site. If you an author or a blogger, then you can turn your non-fictional book or blog into an online program. Yes, online course and online program are two different model, but you can do both using this coaching program. I would say this coaching program is 2-in-1. By the end of this coaching program, you will have an online program and a course. The online course could form the content for the membership site. You can make money while you sleep.


create your signature program, Create Your Signature Program for Success

Disclaimer: In many cases, we have created an online course and a program. However, I had few clients where it will either course or program. This depends on your business model and your objectives. You will know by the end of the discovery session what you can get by the end of the program.

Our Packages & Pricing

This is 7-Week online programme with 2 hrs every week on Saturday 7 pm.  Choose this package, so that you can set up your online programme or course we will guide from start to finish  through group online sessions and close Facebook group.  You will have access to your course for next 9 months.    If you cannot attend the session then we will send the recording for the 7 hrs following the session. You can ask your questions in the closed Facebook group; Sudha Mani, our coach will be available to  answer your queries.  This is not just we will show you what to do.  This is we will also guide you on how to create your online program and promote it.  Once you create one course, you can create many.


£ 777 One Off
  • You will be able to launch your online course in few weeks
  • You must have a website.
  • You must be willing to do work
  • You manage after the setup
  • 7 x 2 hrs Coaching on How to Create Online Course
  • 3 x 2 hrs - One-2-One Technical Coaching
  • List building Funnel, Paypal Setup

We will do everything for you.  We will have an initial strategy call to find out if we can work with you and how your commitment is to give us information and content. Once we have mutually decided we can work together we will have 3 one-to-one sessions to draft out your free course for lead generation.  We will give you coaching on how to promote your course and we will NOT PROMOTE your course as part of this package. However, we can give you cost for promoting this course for 4-weeks.  We will manage your online course website for 3-months by tweaking the  your course content 3 times a month as long as the tweaking is just adding or deleting the content.  


£ 3777 One Off
  • We will launch your course in 6-8 weeks
  • You must to have a Website
  • You provide us with content
  • You will have 2 packages (Free & Paid)
  • We will coach you to add more products
  • We will setup PayPal Payment
  • We will manage your website for you for 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

When you have an online Program, you are expanding your services and also sharing your message with many people.  You don’t need to deliver one-2-one; You can record delivering your content and make it available for your clients to consume. When people are buying your program else where, thats money in your pocket when you are sleeping.  You can also have different levels of offering which you may not able to do it while doing one-2-one.

Your book is already an outline; you may have to re-arrange the content and because the online program is more active engagement.  You may have to record your chapters as video or audio or worksheets… You are not writing any new content.

This depends on your promotion and marketing.  Some of my clients have seen results in 3-6 months.  To Create your Online Programme it take 5 weeks because you need that time to firstly understand how you could deliver to active and highly engaging clients.  

Yes, you can.  But I would suggest, to get your basics right.  In our one-2-one sessions, I can coach you how to get other things done quicker.  But you may need to consider buying few more one-2-one sessions.  We can discuss this @ discovery session.

I created this program for myself.  So, I know what the issues are and how you can mitigate them. There are many people out there who have outsourced their production process which is the heart of onlineprogram.  Would you rather learn from the person who have gone thru the pain of creating, producing and implementing or learn from the learner? It is your decision really.

In my opinion, if it is a process then it can be repeated. The Main goal here is to leverage the technology and already existing resources to make you more money, get you more client and have time freedom. Speak to me I can show you how you can turn it around. It is all in your head, if you think your process can be turned into online program it can be else… you know.  During our strategy session, we will discover whether we can work together or not.  So, you are not losing anything.

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