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Our founder and director Sudha Mani is our resident Business and Technology coach.  Sudha has 22 years of experience as Management and Technology Consultant.  She has worked with large, private and public-sector organisations helping them streamline their business processes and building enterprise wide architecture to increase productivity and profits.  She has also coached Tech-startups to get funding and grow.  Her expertise mainly are 1. Turning around businesses for profit.  2. Self-Sustaining organisation through technology to thrive in any economy

The Signature A.W.E.S.O.M.E.™ Process


Whether you are an established business or a start-up you need to start with a clean slate when you are trying to grow or start your business. For established business it will be a new territory or market they would like to get established. For start-up it is to get new clients to understand their product or service offering.


Here we will be looking at how you could generate wealth for yourself and also for your clients. We feel if we make our clients wealthy we will become wealthy as we can offer more products for them to make their life easier when they are exploring their opportunities.


This is where rubber meets the road. We will get the foundation stronger by having a strong base where you can stand without falling and raise walls. Have a target market where you are confident you are solving their problems with your product or service. Where you will be engineering the business which thrives in any economy


You have a thriving business now what? Anything which cannot grow become stagnant and die. Just imagine if water is not flowing in a pond or lake; it will start emitting bad smell. Same is true for business, it needs to grow as in scale either vertically or horizontally this where we will look at how we can expand your market and product offerings.


Once you have more product offering and a new market to enter, how are you going to port the existing working processes to new one? You have to re-engineer and streamline the existing processes so that it increases productivity for existing and new product or service offering. Thats what we will look at in detail in this stage​


Once you get all the ducks in the line you can start your expansion process. We will be looking at new ways to market, multiply our assets and profits in a secure manner.


Any business must have a succession plan what will happen when you reach your goals. Are you going to get out and let others run the business the way you wanted it to run. That is the best way to build your legacy. Sit and watch your business reach new heights. Succession plan and exit strategy is what we will be looking at here.​

Our Coaching Packages

Test the waters

You will select this package if you are starting out or just want to know if your business idea is sustainable and how you can tweak to create better offerings.  Who is your target market, why are you in the business, What are your goals, why do you need to keep going, what is your mindset etc.

Outcomes you can expect

  • Vision Clarity
  • Product Offerings
  • Target Market identification and Customer Avatars
  • Immediate and long-term Goals
  • Business Strategy
  • Website Strategy
  • Right Business Model
  • Basic Business Roadmap
  • Your Personal and Business SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)


6 - 12 months

Let's grow

This package is for businesses who are already established and making 100k or more in your business.  This is for businesses who seriously want to grow and expand.  We will be going through the 4-D business coaching model, Discover, Design, Deploy and Deliver.  The above Signature Coaching model will be adopted to your business and we will be looking at each and every aspect of your business.

Outcomes you can expect

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Relations Strategy for expansion and growth
  • Target Market identification and Customer Avatars for growth
  • Plan Immediate and long-term Goals
  • Employee Management
  • Company SWOT and PESTLE (Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental) Analysis
  • Exit Strategy


6 - 12 months

Let us Start-Expand-Scale your AWESOME Business?

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