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Avinash Business Consultants is a full-service company when it comes to your business’s IT, Digital and Business Consultancy needs.  We help you to use technology effectively in your business so that you can dominate your market, grow efficiently and scale exponentially.

We help business owners, executives and leaders who want to use technology effectively in their business, organisations or career to increase their impact, profits and productivity to dominate the competition and market. It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur, a small business with only few people or a SME we can help you with customised solutions.  Because every business is unique, if you have special requirements, then please do get in touch with us.   We are here to help you to make a difference with your passion.  Visit our services page or below to find out about our services offerings.  Some of our services include;

Strategy Consulting Offerings
  • Digital Strategy
  • Business Automation Strategy
  • IT Strategy
  • Website Design Strategy
Technology Coaching Offerings
  • Digital Marketing Coaching
  • DIY SEO Coaching
  • Brand Storytelling Coaching
  • Social Media Coaching
Technology Consulting Offerings
  • Website Design, Re-design & Development
  • Messenger Bot Design & Development
  • Forming Technology Team 

True Innovation is your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

We hope you are as passionate as us about community welfare, giving back and collaboration through innovating, inspiring and influencing to make an impact on changing the world for better.

Our Services

Website Design and SEO Services


Your website is your storefront on the internet highway. Many at times websites are developed either by a marketer or developer that is where your website loses its impact.
If a marketer develops, your website may look aesthetically excellent. However, we backend may not be technically sound.   Just imagine driving an expensive car with a pleasing exterior with a small car engine.  On the other hand, if a developer with not much of marketing or business knowledge developing your website may build your website technically sound. However, it may not be user-friendly.   We know some developers who code your website it becomes impossible to manage by the non-technical business owner.
In both cases above,  you have to rely on a technical person to manage your website to make it secure and search engine friendly (technical SEO).  When we work your website design and development , you have full control because we provide you with coaching on website maintenance and help you with essential SEO coaching when creating content for your website.

As your consultants, we help you and your business or organisation accelerate your productivity, performance and profits.  How we do that? By identifying your (SWOT)

  1. Strengths which you are not maximising, 
  2. Weaknesses you are wasting your time on, 
  3. Opportunities you are not utilising and 
  4. Threats you are ignoring. 

Our knowledge within technology and business analysis, we are successful turning around a business from hustling to thriving in no time.  Because, you are making proactive decisions.  

Our Offerings are 1. to make your business idea investment worthy, 2. to create Minimum Viable Product (MVP) 3. to create a business plan for business investment.

Management Business Consulting

Technology Partner Consulting

Business Coaching

Many businesses and startups who are looking for developing go to the market to either procure temporary staff or outsource. In many instances this strategic decision. However, business requirements cannot be translated into technological requirements. Because business processes need to be documented. That’s where we come in. We help organisations by being the catalyst so that your business requirements are translated right and when the team delivers we make sure that you get the right product you asked for not something else. This way you save money and all your projects are delivered on time and within budget.

We also help you with Digital Strategy, IT Strategy and Business Strategy  so that there is a logical and strategic fit between all three strategies.  When all strategies are in alignment with your business model, results are inevitable.

What Our clients say

I met Sudha Mani (founder of Avinash Business Consultants), at a conference when I was starting my public speaking coaching business delivering workshops and delivering keynotes. Then, I had a website which I created myself. Still was not was not satisfied with its performance and design. Then a month ago I asked Sudha to revamp my website. Sudha worked on my site personally and launched it in 2 weeks. The service has been excellent and turnaround time is outstanding. I will recommend Sudha and Avinash Business Consultants to my friends and associates who need business coaching, website development or digital marketing services.

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